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The DILIGENT project is creating an advanced test-bed that will allow virtual e-Science communities to share knowledge and collaborate in a secure, coordinated, dynamic and cost-effective way.

The DILIGENT test-bed will be built by integrating Grid and Digital Library (DL) technologies. Merging of these different technologies will lay the foundations for a next generation e-Science knowledge infrastructure with many different research and industrial applications.

The test-bed will be demonstrated and validated by two complementary real-life application scenarios: one from the environmental e-science domain and one from the cultural heritage domain. The first user community is composed of representatives from leading organisations that operate in the environmental sector; the second consists of scholars, distributed all over the world working together in a three-year project to merge the medical, humanity, social science and communication research areas.

The DILIGENT infrastructure, which will build upon the efforts of the EGEE project, is funded in part by the European Community’s Information Society Technologies priority of the Sixth Framework Programme.

You are invited to explore our website to learn more about DILIGENT, the people behind the project and our objectives and activities.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 03 May 2006 )


DILIGENT is an Integrated Project funded in part by the European Commission FP6 IST Programme Read more...

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