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2005 OCT D4.2.3 Dissemination & Liaison Activities Report (public)

This document contains a full report on the DILIGENT Project dissemination activities performed during the first 12-month period of the project. It provides brief background information on the concepts that guide dissemination in DILIGENT and introduces both the activities performed during this period and the material and instruments produced.

2005 OCT D4.1.2 (includes D4.1.1) Preliminary Training Plan and Training Support Environment (public)

This report presents the plans for the DILIGENT intra-project, inter-project and external training activities. It describes the initial strategic and operational plans for each of these types of training (D4.1.2). The report includes a textual description of the training support environment (D4.1.1). For the intra-project training which started at Mondth 6, it also reports some of the already completed activities.

2005 FEB D1.1.1 Test-Bed Functional Specification (public)

This report presents the results of the activity of the task "Test-bed functional specification" of the DILIGENT project in the period 01 Nov 2004 to 28 Feb 2005.  By exploiting the analysis of the user-communities requirements, collected in WP2.1 and WP2.2, the Test-bed functional specification describes and specifies the functions and features of the DILIGENT system that will be perceived by the users and it formalizes how the users will interact with the system.

2005 FEB D4.2.2 Dissemination Plan (public)

This document describes the DILIGENT project dissemination plan, which will serve as the guideline for the Dissemination and Liaision Activities during the remaining 30 months of the project. This plan handles both one-way traditional or electronically supported dissemination activities, as well as interactive collaborations between the DILIGENT project and selected relevant task forces or user communities, by proposing steps to be taken in a realistic, cost effective manner. It highlights the opportunities to be exploited, proposes the instruments to be utilized and the actions to be taken and sets the rules for facilitating both the sustainable development of the projects' outcome and the reuse of technology and knowledge produced by experts worldwide.

2004 DEC D2.2.1 ImpECt Scenario Analysis Requirements Report (public)

This document refers to the task "Collection and anaylsis of requirements" of the ImpECt Scenario within DILIGENT:  it is feedback on the work done during the period 01 Sep to 30 Dec 2004. The document reports the user requirements expressed by representative members of the ImpECt community. The document describes the ImpECt community requirements both as freely expressed by its members and in a formal representation, resulting from the analysis activity that officially starts the software engineering process.

2004 NOV D2.1.1 ARTE Scenario Requirements Analysis Report (public)

This document presents the work conducted within the task "Collection and Analysis of Requirements" of the DILIGENT project in the period 01 Sep to 30 Nov 2004. It is mainly concerned with the reporting of the functional and non-functional requirements expressed by representative members of the ARTE Project, whose activities have been chosen to collect the real user requirements of a community involved in the Cultural Heritage domain. This document presents the ARTE requirements both as freely expressed by ARTE members and in the more formal representation resulting from the analysis activity that officially starts the software engineering process.

2004 OCT D4.2.1 Website

The purpose of this document is to present the capabilities of the web site that was implemented as part of the Dissemination Activities work package of the DILIGENT project...In addition to the above structure, the initial content has been provided and contributors are welcomed to participate in populating the site with rich content on an ongoing basis.

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