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(c) 2004-2005 The DILIGENT Consortium

DILIGENT is a project partially funded by the EU under the 2nd call of FP6 IST priority.

A number of images on this site come from the ARTE archives and the ESA and the EU public image galleries. These images are copyrighted by the respective organisations who should be contacted prior to their usage.

The DILIGENT consortium members do their best to keep this site and its herein contained material, lawful, accurate and up-to-date. However, the DILIGENT consortium holds no responsibilities for damage or loss that might incur as a result of material distributed through this site.

Prior to using any material supplied by this site the visitor should read copyright and licensing documents related to the site or the particular item in question.

In case you believe that your personal or organisational IPRs are legally offended by material presented in this site, please contact us immediatelly to withdraw offending items.

Software distributed through this site is provided "as-is". Project participant, although they request feedback and provide support, are not under no circumstances held responsible for providing such services or safeguarding compliance to user suggestions.

Note that certain material distributed through this site might belong to third parties who retain copyrights on the material and should be contacted prior to its use.

The DILIGENT consortium holds no responsibility on the content of web sites directly or indirecly linked to this site.

The DILIGENT consortium guarantees that no personal information supplied by visitors and users of this site is to be use under any other way than the one for which they are being provided.

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DILIGENT is an Integrated Project funded in part by the European Commission FP6 IST Programme Read more...

Image and content sources, among others include : ESA Web Portal, Scuola Normale Superiore Image Gallery.